Friday, August 12, 2011

Recycling Candle Jars

Candle jars seem a little useless once the candle is gone, right? Wrong! The jars can serve multiple purposes. Since summer is fading I decided to make my most recent candle jar relate to summer. In order to reuse the jars, simply carve remaining wax out with a plastic knife, remove the wick, and wash it very well (especially if you intend on putting little treats inside!) Some ideas to fill the jars include:
  • Little conversation  or cinnamon hearts around Valentine's day. They add a touch of color to any room and serve as a sweet little treat. Add a pink ribbon around the jar for an additional sweet touch.
  • Mellowcreme pumpkins or candy corn around Halloween. This will add a cute touch of fall that is both festive and delicious! (If you really want the jar to yell Halloween, draw a spider web and spiders in elmer's glue and then pour purple or black glitter over the glue. Once it dries you will have a spooky yet cute container. Squeeze the glue slowly since most candle jars are rounded. The glue will be a drippy mess if you don't squeeze carefully!)
  • Sea shells (my favorite idea!). This is a great way to display your oceanic treasures.Place your most prized shells, corals, and sand dollars on one side so you can display them easily.You can add a light blue ribbon around the jar and even glue a shell to it to really pull in the ocean theme.

Try to be creative and find other uses for glass candle jars. They may add the perfect touch to a room!

~Happy crafting!~

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